Bhramastra: Part One – Shiva | Story | Review

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Bhramastra: Part One – Shiva is a supernatural action-adventure fictional movie directed by Ayan Mukherji released on 9th September 2022. Today we will talk about the story, movie, budget, and on some other aspects of the film.

Bhramastra: Part One -Shiva | Movie Details:

Bhramastra is a trilogy film based on Hindu-Mythology. All three part revolves around the Astras mentioned in Hindu-Mythology. How are these Astras formed? what are their powers? And How dangerous are their powers?

Bhramastra: Part One – Shiva is the first part of the trilogy as represented by the name itself. The story revolves around a man named Shiva who does not know about his powers.

Now, let’s talk about it Story.

Bhramastra: Part One – Shiva | Story :

First Half of the story:

Bhramastra: Part One – Shiva is the story of a character Shiva who learns that he has some connection with the fire. And there is a supernatural weapon Bhramastra which is capable of destroying the whole universe all at once.

The story starts with the history of Bhramastra and all other Astras. The meditation power of the sages who are doing austerities in the Himalayas is the reason for the creation of the Astras.

And Bhramastra is the most powerful among all. It has the power to destroy the Universe. So, to protect this power all sages take oaths to protect it with their lives. And formed the society Bhramansh.

Now, the story takes us to Shiva who is DJ by profession. And One of its DJ parties he met with a girl Isha. The story continues with the romance between them.

As the story continues, Shiva saw a dream that a scientist Mohan Bhargav was a member of that group who protect Bhramstra. Junoon, the leader of the evil forces killed him. Junoon collects one of the pieces of the Bhramastra in order to retain the power of Bhramastra.

Now, she is on to the other person Anish Shetty who is a famous Artist and also a member of the same group Bhramansh.

Now, Shiva And Isha go to Banaras to protect Anish Shetty from Junoon. As the story goes they realize that they need the help of the Guru of the Bhramansh to protect Bhramstra and Anish.

In the middle of a journey, Anish was killed by Junoon in order to protect shiva and Isha so they can reach Guru.

Second Half of the story:

After reaching their destination they know that one of the members of evil forces follows them throughout the journey. And he tries to kill Isha. In order to protect Isha, Shiva killed the evil member using his power of fire.

After meeting with Guru Ji, Shiva realizes he is also a Fire Astra and connected to the Bhramansh thing.

Now, he starts training to control and use his power with his own will. As he trained himself, Junoon finds the location of them and tries to collect all three pieces.

Now, both forces fought for the pieces of Bhramastra. But Junoon was successful to gather all three pieces and unlocking the power of Bhramstra. As the power was too much Bhramastra, it starts to destroy the universe.

Shiva accepted his fate and tries to protect Isha from the disturbance of Bhramastra. But his love for Isha controls the power of Bhramastra.

In the post-credit, we introduced the leader of Junoon who actually wants the power of Bhramastra released due to Bhramstra’s turbulence.

And gives a hint to Bhramastra: Part Two – Dev.

Bhramastra: Part One – Shiva | Review

Bhramastra: Part One – Shiva’s story is not so good. But its visual effects are so good that feels like we are in the real world where supernatural power really exists.

Its explanation to Astras is not good. Most of the time movie tries to deliver the love story between Shiva and Isha rather than focusing on Bhramastra.

The movie title Bhramastra and its story do not connect with each other.

Overall, there is a mixed reaction to the movie. Sometimes movies engage you with their visual effects and sometimes movie feels boring due to their love story.

Bhramastra Facts:

  • Four Production comes across to make this film:
    1. Dharma Production
    2. Starlight Pictures
    3. Prime Focus
    4. Star Studios
  • The budget for the film is 400 crores.
  • It took 8 years to make this film.

Bhramastra Cast:

  • Amitabh Bachchan as Guru JI
  • Ranbir Kapoor as Shiva
  • Alia Bhatt as Isha
  • Mouni Roy as Junoon
  • Nagarjuna Akkineni as Anish Shetty
  • Dimple Kapadia
  • Shah Rukh Khan as Mohan Bhargav
  • Saurav Gurjar


Visual Effects, fight sequences, car chasing scenes, and night visual effects all are top-notch. All make you feel as if they really existed. Visual effects capture all your concentration on itself so, we don’t remember how bad their background is.

Whereas, the chemistry between them makes the part unnecessary and boring.

Do you watch Bhramastra: Part One – Shiva? If yes, what are your thoughts?


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