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Here we will discuss about all the details given in D23 Expo Marvel Announcement 2022. About all the movies, series, etc.

Marvel Panel starts with the musical of Steve Rogers as same as in Hawkeye. After that proper panel starts. And it started with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


Exclusive footage is released which gives the base to the story. In this exclusive footage, we saw a UN meeting held in which all the countries have taken part including Ramonda from Wakanda. And all the other countries are against Wakanda in order to take control of it and use Vibranium. And with this, there is the fight of Namor vs M’Baku.

Now, the panel goes to IronHeart Series.



As the Character of Riri Williams firstly will appear in Wakanda Forever. So, it takes to the next panel IronHeart. And her story will continue in IronHeart. This will be a series. There was Anthony Ramos who is going to play The Hood. The Hood will be the main villain of the series.

And Kevin Feige reveals “The hood uses Black Magic & mystical arts. And he is a sort of Anti-Hero.

Here also Footage was released in which Riri Williams is creating Iron Man like Armor And in the same scene there is Anthony Ramos character.

From here panel goes to the Antman & The Wasp: Quantamania.

Antman & The Wasp: Quantamania


In this panel, it is confirmed that there will be the previous same cast and there will also appear the character of Jimmi woo. And again they release the exclusive footage. And do know why they keep exclusive all this as it is for the public/fans. In this footage, we saw Scoot Lang with Jimmi woo. And in the next scene, Casie Lang shows a machine that sends the signal to the Quantum Realm. And suddenly all the characters went to the Quantum Realm. Where we see the first look of Kang. And Kang says “Are, you Avenger? Have I Ever killed you before?’

And the movie will release on 17th February 2023.

Then Marvel release Werewolf By Night.

Warewolf By Night

Warewolf By Night is neither a movie nor a series. It will be a short film. It will fit in the Horror genre. This series will release on this year October 7. And its trailer is available on YouTube.

The next panel comes to Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion

The secret Invasion trailer was released to the public. Here we Don Cheadle and it confirms that the next series will be Armor Wars. Also, we saw the first look of the main villain Grabbic who is the Rebel Scrull’s Leader. This series will release on June 2023.

The Next panel goes to the Armor Wars.

Armor Wars


This series was not announced in the comic-con. So, fans concluded that it was canceled. But It is not like that. The Armor Wars were announced at D23 Expo. This series will contain 6 Episodes and the story will revolve around Stark Technology. It will also release in 2023.

The Next title is Loki Season 2.

Loki Season 2


Ke Huy Quan added as a new cast member in the series. But which role he plays remains closed. Loki Season 2 exclusive footage was released. And it starts from the scene where it ends in Loki Season 1. Loki tries to explain to all people that danger is coming. But they do not know who Loki is.

Then there is major disappointment regarding Fantastic Four. Kevin Feige says ‘Today we will not give any update to this.’



The Echo series was introduced at the panel and its exclusive footage is released. We saw the origin of Echo, how she get this name, and the meaning of her name, and focus on her native-American story.

Daredevil Born Again


Daredevil Born Again was announced next. King Pin will appear in this series. It will contain 18 episodes. And will become the longest marvel series of all time. And its shooting is yet to start.

The Next announcement in the D23 Expo Marvel Announcement is of Captain America: New World Order

Captain America: New World Order


The major revelation here is the character of Samuel Sterns. Samuel Stern’s first appearance was in Incredible Hulk. This character will return in Captain America: New World Order as The Leader. We saw his transformation in Incredible Hulk’s credit scene as a Leader. And he will be the main villain of the Movie.

After this, we moved on to Thunderbolts.



Here Thunderbolts reveals its proper line which includes Valentina Allegra, Red Guardian, Ghost, US Agent, Taskmaster, Yelena, and Winter Soldier. And Yelena will lead this team.

Basically, Thunderbolts are the team of Super Anti-Heroes.

Next, The Marvels.

The Marvels


Exclusive footage of The Marvels releases exactly starts from the post-credit scene of the series Ms. Marvel. All they teleported to each other’s location. In short, Monica Rambio teleported to Captain Marvel’s location, Captain Marvel teleported to Ms. Marvel’s location and Ms. Marvel teleported to Monica Rambio’s location.


This D23 Expo Marvel Announcement event was perfect for the MCU. Fans are satisfied with this But some fans are disappointed as there was nothing about the X-Men Or Deadpool.

What do you think how was the event? And do you think there is something new revealed?


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