Dhokha: Round D Corner – An Engaging Thriller Movie

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Dhokha: Round D Corner

Dhokha: Round D Corner Tailer is out today and is seen as a promising thriller trailer And is releasing on 23rd September 2022. Its trailer started with the same scene as the end. But the most exciting thing that left us in shock in Dhokha: Round D Corner is that both same scenes deliver different dialogues and different emotions.

It is made under the production of T-Series.

And is directed by Kookie Gulati.


It Starring :

  • R Madhavan as Yathaarth
  • Khushali Kumar as Sanchi Sinha
  • Aparshakti Khurana as psycho Terrorist named Huq Gul
  • Darshan Kumar as a Police Officer.

Dhokha: Round D Corner – Trailer:

The trailer shows Yatharth Sanchi’s Husband bought a bag filled with money to the apartment to rescue his wife from the terrorist Haq Gul. And his wife says “Kill Him Haq Gul” which catches the audience’s focus on.

And to protect himself from the gunshot he tries to grab the gun but unfortunately, it fires a shot. It does not show to whom it killed.

The next scene shows the chemistry between the husband Yathaartha and his wife Sanchi with the beautiful background music “Like a breeze fresh air”.

Now Yathaarth comes to know that his wife has been taken hostage by a terrorist Haq Gul. He killed 13 innocent people and hid in flat no. 301. The apartment is located in Mazgaon. And the police force trying to control the situation.

After realizing that he comes back apartment and says to the police “This is my house.” And now the terrorist demands 50 lakhs rupees to release Sanchi.

Now the twist comes we come to know that Sanchi is a patient with a delusional disorder. She is mentally very ill and extremely volatile.

And This catches an interesting point when she starts to flirt with the terrorist running through his disorder. And it seems to be very interesting what it turns out to be.

As it goes trailer tries to tell us that Gul is also a victim and without knowing his story and truth society gave him the tag of a traitor.

Now trailer asks us the question “You Think you saw it all?” which makes us think about who is who. Who is bad and who is good? By showing Yathaarth as bad, Sanchi as a victim, etc.

And the trailer ends with the same starting scene but with an amazing turning dialogue “Yathaarth, save me.”

Dhokha: Round D Corner – Release Date:

It will release on 23rd September 2022.

Dhokha: Round D Corner – Budget

Dhokha: Round D Corner has made on a budget of Rs. 35-40 crores.


  • The production Budget is 30-30 crores.
  • The prints & Advertisement budget is 5 crores.

Dhokha: Round D Corner – Screen Count

Dhokha: Round D Corner Screen Count is as follows:

  • India – 2000 Screen
  • Overseas – 300 Screen


The trailer Dhokha: Round D Corner seems to be very interesting. It shows the genre of a crime thriller. Leave us with a lot of questions which will clear when the movie releases. The cast is super amazing.

Let’s see how this will perform at the box office.

What do you how the trailer was? And How it will perform?


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