Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Automation?

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Artificial Intelligence And Automation are two different words in modern science. And are sometimes considered as same because they both make human tasks easier by minimizing the effort and input of humans.

But the simple difference between Artificial Intelligence and Automation is that Automation follows instructions only whereas AI is capable of making its own decision.


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So, what is the difference between Artificial Intelligence And Automation? Before moving First Learn About Both Topics a little bit.

What is Automation?


Automation is a method used to create a system that can work independently with little or without human assistance.

We can define a set of instructions for a program so it can do all our defined tasks automatically without our interference.


Assume we have 10,000 sheets having lots of data (names, numbers, addresses, etc). And we have to extract the names of people around certain addresses.

But Doing manually it will take a long time as we have to go through every field of information.

So, to prevent time and human effort we will use automation where we will create a program to go through every sheet And extract names and addresses of given certain addresses in a lesser amount of time.

Why there is a need for Automation?

The idea behind Automation is to simplify and speed up common and repetitive tasks to boost productivity and efficiency of work.

What is Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial intelligence is a method or program that takes decisions based on previous data information and stores new information to use in future decisions making for accurate results.

So, humans do not need to feed or have to update Artificial programs to make better decisions.

It is good as there is less human effort And also dangerous as it learns all things automatically by using old and new information and leaving them behind in their skills.


A self Driving car takes picture of every scene find a similar case in its database and take decision and stores that captured scene and decision to use them in future cases.

Why there is a need for Artificial Intelligence?

The idea behind AI is to create tech which allows machines to think like humans and learn from them.

How Automation And Artificial Intelligence are interlinked?

Now, as we understood Automation and AI, let’s take a look at how they are similar and interlinked with each other.

A common point is that they both run on data, where automated machines follow data and artificial intelligence process data.

And they interlinked together when a machine needs to automate something based on artificial intelligence thinking.


Robots arm to pick a fresh apple based on AI’s created information.

What is the difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Automation?

Below is a well-defined table to differentiate Automation And Artificial Intelligence:

Sr. No.AutomationArtificial Intelligence
1.Automation is a method used to create a system that can work independently with little or without human assistance.AI is a method or program that takes decisions based on previous information and stores new output data to use in future decisions making for accurate results.
2.Automation is for Repetitive Tasks.AI is for Non-Repetitive Tasks.
3.It does not learn and update itself.It Learns and updates itself.
4.It does not interact and talk with people.It Interacts and talks with People.
5.It follows instructions only.It is capable of thinking.
Customer Support
Coffee maker
Apple Siri
Speech Recognition


Automation And Artificial Intelligence are both very handfuls for humans. As it makes human life much much easier.

And at another point, Artificial Intelligence is far more dangerous as it can rule on humans and can destroy human life.

What do you think Artificial Intelligence is a boon or bane for humans? What is good about AI & How dangerous is AI?


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