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DSLR vs Mirrorless Explained! Which one is better and why? – The Today Blog

Cameras have become increasingly popular over the past decade. and when we talk about cameras the competition between DSLRs vs Mirrorless never ends. in this article, we will tell you about Mirrorless Cameras, how it is exactly different with DSLRs, and should you invest in one?



When you think of professional photography, often a DSLR comes to mind. the full form of DSLR is a digital single-lens reflex. it combines the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor.

Difference Between DSLRs and Mirrorless:

In DSLR, you have a mirror with a light hit and it passes to the optical viewfinder. when you actually take images, this mirror is moving out of the way and it is reviling the image sensor then the image is captured.


When you’re ready to take a photograph, that mirror moves out of the way – to reveal the image sensor – and if you’ve used one in the past, you’ll be familiar with the satisfying (but fairly loud) noise it makes as it does so.

dslr vs mirrorless

In Mirrorless, The main difference between DSLR and the mirrorless is as the name suggests, the absence of this particular mirror. as there is no mirror is present so there is no optical viewfinder in it. what do you have in a mirrorless camera is the Electronic viewfinder. What is an electronic viewfinder? Basically, a miniature version of the display that your camera has. that’s it.

What do you prefer, Optical or Electronic viewfinder?

I prefer the optical over the electrical one, the reason for it when you use a DSLR when you will change the exposure you will not able to see the live changes through the optical viewfinder.

dslr vs mirrorless

when you take the image, the exposer you will see is very different than the final, if you will use an electronic viewfinder this problem will not occur.


Frames Per Second


The reason why mirrorless cameras are so compact is that the mirror is taken away from the camera system and it saves a lot of space and that’s not the only advantage you get by removing the mirror, every time the taken image through DSLR the mirror has to move away and then the image is taken. when we talking about capturing a single image this time is not much, when we are talking about consecutive images this time added a lot of difference. for example, if you are about shooting 10, 20, 30 images this will make a difference that’s why you can see the latest mirror cameras can shoot 20, 30 frames per second but DSLR can’t do that.

Mirrorless captures better PIctures than DSLRs?

this is absolutely wrong. because the image quality is dependent on the image sensor and doesn’t matter if it’s a DSLR or Mirrorless. if there are two cameras one is DSLR the other one is mirrorless. both the cameras gave the same sensor they will have pretty much similar picture quality.

dslr vs mirrorless


there are a lot of things to take in into consideration while making the decision the first important things is that:

Do you own a DSLR?

if you don’t own a DSLR and this is your first camera then you should have to choose a mirrorless cameras system because companies are developing the mirrorless cameras system now and have stopped developing the DSLRs. so if you are looking for long-term usage so obviously mirrorless is a better investment. if you have a DSLR camera and thinking of upgrade it then understands

why do you want to upgrade?


dslr vs mirrorless

let you understand that what are the limitations of your current camera. if you do videography then you should have to upgrade to the mirrorless system not only it focuses it well and it’s most suitable for videography because it a lightweight and easily handlable in gimble and extra weight makes lots of difference. in fact, most mirrorless cameras can easily scan shoot on 4k 30 FPS some of them can also shoot in 8k and also slow-mo video. so if you are a videographer and a filmmaker, mirrorless will be a better choice.  in photography genres matters.

Problem in mirrorless

  • Blackout – 

in mirrorless, there is one problem with the electronic viewfinder and that is the blackout. basically, when you capture an image there is a black screen that comes for a fraction of a second and moves away when you are doing high-speed photography and the subjects move too fastly and you need to track that subject then blackout will be an issue.


if you in wildlife or any sorts of genres you need to find a camera that has less or no blackout. in landscape portraits,  the mirrorless doesn’t make any difference.

  • Battery life – 


Mirrorless cameras, however, fare far less impressively here, with around 350-400 frames per charge being the norm while some are a whole lot less. The Sony A7R III ushered in an extended 650-shot battery life almost double that of its predecessors, and the Sony A7R IV even improves on that slightly, so that’s a significant step forwards, but the Canon EOS RP can only manage 250 shots. Battery life is an issue for mirrorless camera

  • Overheating – 

Digital cameras generate heat. With resolutions, framerates, and bitrates getting constantly higher, the image processing components need to perform faster. Just like with computer components, high performance results in heat buildup. Professional cameras usually deal with the accumulated heat by incorporating one or more active fans for better air circulation.


If you are on a tight budget, I will not recommend the mirrorless, if you have a good budget and want the latest camera technology then definitely go with the Mirrorless one. it will not point you however no camera is perfect. the price range of mirrorless camera starts from Rupees one lakh and above.

Final words: DSLR vs Mirrorless


For some people, it’s the availability of one or two features that are crucial to their shooting that pushes them to a mirrorless system over a DSLR. There are far too many to go into here, but even if we just focus on one, namely the silent shutter, we can see what kind of a practical difference this can make.

Anyone frequently shooting in conditions where discretion is key will appreciate a camera’s ability to shoot silently, not just quietly. DSLRs may offer ‘quiet’ or ‘silent’ shutters, but these simply damp or delay the mechanical sound and can’t eliminate it.


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