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Want to Know the Answers to NPTEL Emotional Intelligence Assignment 05? This article will tell you the answer to the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) Course “Emotional Intelligence”. So read the complete article carefully.

About the Course: Emotional Intelligence

“Intelligence quotient (IQ) gets you hired but emotional quotient (EQ) gets you promoted”. This popular quote by Times magazine during late nineties has made the concept of emotional intelligence more popular among people by highlighting its multiple implications and applications. The uses and utility of emotional intelligence at home, school and workplace have benefited thousands in many disciplines. This course is designed to sensitize the participants about the concept, theory and applications of emotional intelligence.

The participants will get to know the added advantage of EQ the software of the brain over the hardware (EQ). This programme will also explore how our hearts rule over our heads for creative creation. It will also focus on how various principles of emotional intelligence guide us in different contexts of life. The awareness about the credo of emotional intelligence will develop insights into self-regulation and realization of one’s optimum potentials for better performance.

The participants will come to know about many unknowns of life, which will further help them to enhance their awareness to be effective on their roles. The course will offer useful lessons with the help of practical exercises, games, audio-visual instruments, case studies, classroom interaction to show the road map how to foster emotional intelligence in organisation for achieving health, happiness and optimal performance at work.


Average assignment score = 25% of the average of best 8 assignments out of the total 12 assignments given in the course.
Exam score = 75% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100

Final score = Average assignment score + Exam score

YOU WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR A CERTIFICATE ONLY IF THE AVERAGE ASSIGNMENT SCORE >=10/25 AND EXAM SCORE >= 30/75. If one of the 2 criteria is not met, you will not get the certificate even if the Final score >= 40/100.

The certificate will have your name, photograph, and score in the final exam with the breakup. It will have the logos of NPTEL and IIT Roorkee. It will be e-verifiable at nptel.ac.in/noc.

Emotional Intelligence Assignment 05 Answers

Question 01 of 15

Which of the following represents the association between emotional intelligence and neuroticism?

A. Negative association

B. Positive association

C. No association

D. Strong Positive association

A. Negative association

Question 02 of 15

Low-level of empathy is associated with high achievement.

A. True

B. False

B. False

Question 03 of 15

Which of the following is not the characteristic of emotional intelligence learning?

A. Continuous

B. Enduring

C. Life-Long

D. Stereotyping

D. Stereotyping

Emotional Intelligence Assignment 05 Answers

Question 04 of 15

Which of the following represents a quantitative assessment of emotional intelligence among students?

A. Analyzing Student Writing

B. Analyzing Student Interview

C. Observing Student Activity

D. BarOn EQ-I

D. BarOn EQ-I

Question 05 of 15

Emotional intelligence helps in taking ethical decisions by bringing biases and preferences.

A. True

B. False

A. True

Question 06 of 15

Raj took an instant decision in a highly loaded emotional situation. Raj behavior is indicative of: –

A. High Emotional Intelligence

B. Low Emotional IntelligenceB.

C. Very high Emotional Intelligence

D. None

A. High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Assignment 05 Answers

Question 07 of 15

Emotional intelligence learning is more or less permanent as a result of: –

A. Pathology

B. Practice

C. Pharmacology

D. Phenomenology

B. Practice

Question 08 of 15

BarOn model of emotional intelligence has ____ primary factors and _____secondary factors.

A. 4, 14

B. 5, 15

C. 6, 18

D. 3, 10

B. 5, 15

Question 09 of 15

Ramesh has a deep understanding of one’s self and respect for the complex identities of others. Ramesh trait is indicative of ________

A. Impaired Learner

B. Slow Learner

C. Fast Learner

D. Responsible Learner

D. Responsible Learner

Question 10 of 15

Schools witnessing higher absenteeism among students should include: –

A. Rigorous Punishment

B. Extensive Educational Curriculum

C. Emotional Intelligence Course

D. Stringent Disciplinarian Action

C. Emotional Intelligence Course

Question 11 of 15

Destructive behavior or the tendency to develop destructive behavior among students can’t be addressed through emotional intelligence.

A. True

B. False

B. False

Question 12 of 15

Identify the correct statement/s.

A. Emotional intelligence helps in developing a global perspective.

B. Only peace is the result of emotion.

C. Divergent thinking cannot be developed through emotional intelligence.

D. Emotional intelligence dampens an individual’s presentation skills.

A. Emotional intelligence helps in developing a global perspective.

Question 13 of 15

Emotional instability is characterized by: –

A. Proper appraisal of self and others’ emotions.

B. Using emotion to facilitate thought

C. Emotion Management

D. Mood Swings and Inability to cope with stressful/tension situations.

D. Mood Swings and Inability to cope with stressful/tension situations.

Question 14 of 15

There is __________ between emotional intelligence and openness.

A. Negative association

B. Positive association

C. No association

D. Strong Negative association.

B. Positive association


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Question 15 of 15

Which of the following is the secondary factor of Intrapersonal in BarOn model of emotional intelligence?

A. Problem-solving

B. Flexibility

C. Impulse Control

D. Self-Actualization

D. Self-Actualization

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