Yoast SEO Premium Plugin All Settings and Free Premium Plugin Download

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Want to Know the all Important Settings of the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin? Want to Download the Latest Version of the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin for Free!

In this article, I will tell you about the all Important Settings that you have to do now in your Yoast SEO Premium Plugin and I will also Provide you the Free Latest Version of the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin. Read the Complete Article Carefully.

What is Yoast SEO Plugin?

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress, which helps users optimize their articles SEO-friendly. It helps users to customize their Posts on some criteria to help you in a better experience.

With Yoast SEO, you can easily manage and do better your Page SEO as it helps you in Doing ON page SEO. this Plugin Provides you to Enhance Title, Meta Description. so you can learn how to craft your article to rank higher in Google or any other Search Engine. Yoast SEO also analyses your content for Readability and Keywords.

yoast plugin logo

What is the Difference Between Yoast SEO Free Version and the Yoast SEO Premium Version?

No Doubt, Yoast is one of the Most Important Plugins out of the Top 7 Must-have Free WordPress plugins that every user should use. But there are many limitations to the free version of the Yoast SEO Plugin that users can only get in the Premium Version Only.

The Difference Between Free and Premium Version is as follows:

Yoast SEO Free VersionYoast SEO Premium Version
1. You can Target One Keyword at a time.
1. You can Focus on 5 Keywords Simultaneously
2. Can’t Get Previews for Social Sharing.2. Get previews for sharing on Twitter and Facebook
3. Unable to Redirect Dead URL on other URL’s3. Avoid dead links on your site
4. Didn’t Provide Content quality and link suggestions as you write 4. Content quality and link suggestions as you write

How To Setup Yoast SEO Premium Plugin?

Users think that Setting up Yoast SEO plugins is not a big deal. They can do it easily on their own but there are several settings on the plugin which if you didn’t do it correctly it can even decrease the traffic of your website.

almost all the settings for the free version and the premium version are the same so if you are using the free version, these steps are also for you.

Step 1 Download and Install The Plugin

First of all, you have to download and install the Yoast SEO plugin from the WordPress plugins Library.

yoast seo plugin download for wordpress

Click Here to Download the free version of the Yoast SEO Plugin. After Downloading the plugin just simply upload and activate it in the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 Go to Yoast SEO settings configured

After Successfully downloading the plugin, this plugin will ask you to set up your website on their configuration Wizard.

1. Environment

In this Option, Yoast will ask you if your site is ready and you want to show it on Google Search Engine or not.

Enviorment of Yoast SEO

Choose Option A, if your site is active and live. otherwise select Option B if it is under construction or you do not want to submit your site to google right now.

then click on Next »

2. Site type

When you complete the step of Environment, In this step you have to tell about your website type. What does your site represent? there is a total of 7 types of options available.

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin
  • A blog
  • An online shop
  • A news channel
  • A small offline business
  • A corporation
  • A portfolio
  • Something else

Select according to yourself. and click on Next »

3. Organization or person

If you are the representative of your website then select Person or if this website belongs to an organization then select organization.

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin

Select the name of the person from the list given there.

4. Search engine visibility

Yoast will ask you whether you want to show the posts and pages to the search engine or not. Select Yes in Both the Options.

search engine visibility

If you do not know the differences between these, it’s best to choose the default settings.

5. Multiple authors

Does your website have multiple authors? If yes then click on Yes. if you are the only one who publishes articles on the Website then Select No.

multiple authors for yoast seo

If you choose no, your author archives will be deactivated to prevent duplicate content issues.

6. Title settings

In this option, You can change the title of your website according to you.

select the separator which you want to use. The separator will display, for instance, between your post title and site name.

title settings

Just Click Next on the other two Settings, they are not much useful.

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin

Hurry! You Have Successfully set up Important Settings for your website.

Search Appearance – Yoast SEO

In this setting, you can change the looks of your website in the search appearance.

I will tell you some important and useful settings that you have to change only, all settings will be unchanged.


This option will allow you to change some general appearance settings Like Title Separator which I have told you above, Site Title, Meta Description of your website, etc.

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin

Select according to yourself

Content Types

Yoast SEO Plugin comes with some default settings. in this option, you can change the setting of your Posts and Pages.

Yoast Plugin search

If you want to show your Pages and Post in Search Appearance then Select Yes in Show Posts and Pages in search results?

Keep all settings untouched and Save them.


This Option is the same as Content Types but the difference is that in Content-Type, you have to select options for posts and Pages but in Taxonomies, the settings will be for Categories and Tags.

Select Yes for the option “Show Categories in search results?” as it will help you to show the categories of your website in the search appearance of search engines.

I will Suggest you Select No in “Show Tags in search results?” because tags didn’t help you much in ranking and for traffic on your website.

Yoast Plugin tag settings

After Completing these Settings Click on to Save Option to change all the changes we have done above.

Free Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Download

Well if you check on the Yoast SEO website, the Price of the Premium Plugin is About $89 per year. which is really too expensive.

But if you want to download the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin for WordPress For Free, we can Provide you this easily.

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin price

Just click on the Link Below and Download the Latest Version of the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin for Free from our Telegram Channel.

That’s All Guys! Hope you Like the Article.

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